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ZEKSA is an official sponsor of Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER, accompanying the team on its travels with its suitcases, bags and backpacks, fully customized with the characteristic colors of the tricolor team.

ZEKSA is a brand of sports bags, which has been established in the Portuguese market since 2001, with its own entirely national manufacture, based in Vila Nova de Gaia. Since its creation, due to the creative and innovative spirit of its founders, the company manufactures customized items for the most varied national and international sports brands, helping them to establish themselves in the market with differentiating products. Therefore, there is little time left for ZEKSA to be in the market.

ZEKSA generates innovative products and solutions that fully meet the needs of its customers, based on extensive experience and an almost innate know-how, which fosters a relationship of trust in the quality of its products. Creativity and innovation in design make ZEKSA a differentiating brand.

ZEKSA analyzes the ideas and projects of its customers and jointly generates customized products, taking into account the needs and expectations of each one, using the appropriate technologies, selecting the best raw materials and controlling the quality at all stages of the process. You can see the whole range of Backpacks, Luggage and Bags at

ZEKSA luggage, for Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER.

01 February 2021
Dario Diaz ciclista de equipo Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER