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Visibility, that great objective of any sponsor, whatever the area in which they decide to put money to stand out, especially in sports sponsorships, this is an aspect that is worked on in detail.

In the world of cycling sponsorship you can think that if the team does not win races we are wasting money. It is a mistake, because as the study carried out by Cycling News "The Cycling News Sponsorship Report on Professional Cycling" indicates, the performance of a cycling team in the sports field is not necessarily linked to the success of a sports sponsorship.

The repetition, the familiarity with a name, its logo and its colors are elements that penetrate our brain, which is why long sponsorships are more easily remembered.

In short, it is about the sponsor's brand setting in the mind of the fan, be it by reiteration, emotional connection, style or some playful component.

At the end of the day this is about selling, right?


What gives visibility to the sponsor of a cycling team?

23 August 2020
Polish cyclist Kamil Białonczyk, 22, born in the Polish city of Cieszyn, residing in the Polish town of Zebrzydowice.