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After a great deal of prior logistics, this Sunday the 2020-2021 road cycling season in San Juan will start.
The inaugural competition will be held entirely at the San Juan Villicum Circuit –in Albardón- under a strict health protocol. There will be a strong sanitary control at the doors of the place for all people who must attend for work and / or competition reasons.
The incoming challenge required in advance a period of much analysis, organization, coordination and execution between different sectors. Once this stage prospered, it was only possible to announce what many San Juan people expected: the start of the road season. The starting point will be released this Sunday, November 8. This first race (like the second) will begin, will be held –in siesta-afternoon hours- and will culminate inside the sports complex located in the northern department.
That is to say that the platoon will not go out to open routes, therefore –and mainly- the related public will not be able to attend the place. It's not allowed. Cycling fans should follow the contest from their homes. The news will be followed by the various media (radio, television, printed and online graphics) that usually report what happens with the provincial contest (and who witnessed an informative meeting on the health protocol every week). And, in addition, the entire race can be viewed for free on YouTube and local channels.
It is worth mentioning that, from the cyclists, through the technical bodies, mechanics, assistants, organization staff, the press and other people involved must successfully pass the corresponding health tests and tests beforehand and on the day of the race to enter the Albardonero circuit


The San Juan road cycling season begins (Argentina).

07 November 2020