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It was a Friday of cycling in Olavarría where the Grand Prix in honor of Humberto Corradi was held at the "Hermanos Emiliozzi" racetrack. A real party was held this Friday at the "Hermanos Emiliozzi" racetrack. More than 500 cyclists took part, there were around 2,000 fans watching the event. The victory went to Elbio Alborzen of the KTM team, who broke away from the pack followed by Pablo Brun from Olavarri (Puertas de Cuyo CCN Twitter).

1° Elbio Alborzén (KTM).
2° Pablo Brun (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER).
3° Sergio Fredes (KTM).
4° Facundo Bazzi (Cicles Imperio)
5° Facundo Dumerauf (Olavarría).
6° Agustín Martínez (Chivilcoy).
7° Juan Boldú (Los Cascos).
8° Mauricio Trozzi (Chivilcoy).
9° Adrián Bozzini (KTM).
10° Lionel Biondo (Chivilcoy).

Pablo Brun (Puertas de Cuyo CCN Twitter) 2nd in Olavarría (Argentina).

06 April 2021