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02 March 2021
The cyclist of Puertas de Cuyo CCN Twitter, Emiliano Ibarra, is using the TWITTER STEALTH PRO bike, yesterday Ibarra was classified in 4th position in the 2nd stage of the
24 February 2021
This time in a different race. The Circuito San Juan Villicum in Albardón was the stage where the competition began and ended. The imposing racetrack received the new date co-organized
16 February 2021
It was a race that started at the Albardón racetrack and then went through the streets of the departments of Angaco, San Martín, Caucete, 9 de Julio, Santa Lucía and
02 February 2021
This Saturday, in the oval of the Adam Quiroga Park in Catamarca (Argentina), the beginning of the Apertura Criterium Road Cycling Tournament took place. The big winner of the competition
01 February 2021
The official importer in Argentina, of the bicycles used by the professional cycling team Tricolor , (PUERTAS DE CUYO CCN Twitter) , is the distributor / importer company NITRO BIKES,
01 February 2021
GS27 : a French family business based in Tauxigny (Touraine). For more than 50 years, we guarantee the perfect maintenance of all cars and motorcycles. If today GS27 is the
01 February 2021
ZEKSA is an official sponsor of Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER, accompanying the team on its travels with its suitcases, bags and backpacks, fully customized with the characteristic colors of
20 January 2021
Laureano Rosas (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER) won the Clásica Villavicencio 2021, on a 141 km route between the Plaza Marcos Burgos, in Las Heras, and the Recta de Vialidad,