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Chimbas is the name given to an urban continuum of the Chimbas component, made up of a significant number of neighborhoods in the southwest and south-center of the Chimbas department, which is located in the northern sector of the Greater San Juan conurbation (in the south-center of the San Juan province in west central Argentina).Chimbas is a Quechua word that means 'rocky'. This is also based on geography, since the city is located near the San Juan River coast, which has pebbles of different sizes scattered everywhere and exposed on various sides, by the fluctuating flow of the river.

The main economic sustenance is the activities linked to the cultivation and industrialization of the vine and the commercial activity since the population moves towards the city of San Juan.In this town are the facilities of the industrial park of the province, which houses several industries, among which are a treatment plant of pathogenic waste and the carbide factory, located on the banks of the river, which generate a high demand for jobs. The banks of the San Juan River allow for the extraction of sand.