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As one young and rapid growing outdoor brand, we are glad to be GPS Cycle Computer Sponsor for the Continental Team the Puertas de Cuyo - CKT.

Meilan is one company that focuses on conveying a true experience in the outdoor activities to the users. We devote ourselves to dig out the needs from different angles, and we also collaborate with professional teams to improve and verify our thoughts. Our main products are bicycle computers and sport watches based on GPS technology, which have been favored by worldwide riders. We foster an Eco-system of APP-DEVICE-SERVICE based on GPS.
Meilan brand has been delivered our creatives to over 30 countries.

Record-Share-Navigate. This is what we are doing and trying to connect your training data; daily life; the emotion with the device and share surrounding you.

More info about Meilan: please go to check Meilan official website:


Meilan - Training supporter of the Puertas de Cuyo - CKT Team.

22 September 2020