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The Puertas de Cuyo native from Florencia won the 64th Edition of the Clásica Doble Difunta, defining in a long sprint before the AVF duo, Ricardo Escuela and Nicolás Naranjo. Laureano Rosas, stopped the chronometer in 4h 04m, after completing 184 kilometers in the Alvear Cycling Club race, which was held on Sunday morning, joining Albardón with Paraje Vallecito. The unpublished version of the Clásica Doble Difunta Correa did not take away the dance from the triple winner of the Vuelta a San Juan. Laureano Rosas closed the 2020 by winning in Mendoza (NDR: the classic of the Tupungato woodworker) and redoubled the bet in the first competition of 2021, in the San Juan Villicum Circuit, on Sunday morning.


Laureano Rosas Gave The Classic to Puertas de Cuyo - CCN - Twitter.

09 January 2021

There were almost 160 cyclists who went looking for the 64th Edition of the Clásica del Alvear, with a modified schedule and under the protocol of the closing of the race without public, in the more than well-known Albardonero route, where the six final turns showed the cards put on the different local casts. On the other hand, the Municipalities of Pocito, unloaded all the artillery in the Villicum, but it was the Carriers with Laureano Rosas, who registered in the historical race of faith.
With the first moments still for Albardón, Pedro González dressed as a protagonist in the first leg, marking the cadence in solitary, while the bulk of the group controlled the distance, that although it was quite bulky, it did not make the most experienced stagger. It was not until the ascent of the Cuesta de las Vacas that Ricardo Escuela (AVF) was in charge of rewriting a new face on the Classic's page, and the rest took advantage of the hunt for the fugitive to look for other alternatives in the retaking of the Paraje Vallecito. The retreat of the Pocitanos with Reyes made Laureano Rosas and Ricardo Escuela more uneasy, as they controlled it together with Alejandro Quilci, Cobarrubia and Diego Tivani. Behind them, the company of Nicolás Naranjo, Emiliano Ibarra, and the couple of Rubén - Gerardo Tivani would arrive. Rubén Ramos looked for the possibility when the last kilometers were left for the final flag, while Ibarra paved the way for Rosas, who did not stagger in the definition to put the tricolor seal and relegated the Barrealino to the second position. CLASSIFICATION 64th DOUBLE EDITION DIFFUNCTION STRAP

1° Laurean Roses (Puertas de Cuyo) 4h 04m
2° Ricardo School (AVF) m/t
3° Nicolás Naranjo (AVF) m/t
4° Alejandro Quilci (Municipality of Rawson) m/t
5° Gerardo Tivani (Municipality of Pocito) m/t
6° Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP) m/t