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Laureano Rosas (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER) won the Clásica Villavicencio 2021, on a 141 km route between the Plaza Marcos Burgos, in Las Heras, and the Recta de Vialidad, in the Villavicencio Natural Reserve. The day had a high level of cycling, with the presence of cyclists from six continental teams in the country. Daniel Lucero (Municipality of Rawson) starred in the most interesting escape on the way to Costa de Araujo, commanding alone and taking the last special tribute to Luis Curallanca.

Once neutralized, in the return by route 34, the peloton maintained control and a high pace, but they never lined up the lot. They knew the hardest part was yet to come. In spite of this, Pablo De la Barrera (Municipality of Godoy Cruz) came out to the attack and stepped on route 40 in the vanguard. Buenos Aires' 'Candú' faced the main group and escaped, keeping up his adventure until the last 35 kilometers.

Once again, the continentals of Rawson attacked from the group and sent Sergio Aguirre to the front, who stuck to the combative Bruno Contreras (Team Venzo). The duo made their way, with the San Juan native taking the mountain finish line at the Canota Monument. The cut took advantage of the passivity of the peloton, which just managed to capture him in Agua de Pajaritos, 6,000 meters from the end.

Once there, the accelerations of Franco Vecchi (Municipality of Godoy Cruz) and Nahuel Méndez (Municipality of Rawson) ended up destroying the favorite lot, leaving the Lavallino in the front with Laureano Rosas (Transporte Puertas de Cuyo), Nicolás Tivani (Agrupación Virgen de Fátima), Mauro Domínguez (Municipality of Pocito), the Guaymallino Alejandro Durán and Nicolás Traico (SEP). Domínguez and Traico moved around a couple of times, although the most restless one was Rosas, who seemed to have a little more energy.

Even Emiliano Ibarra (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER) appeared from behind and was thrilled with the victory 1 km from the finish line. Traico neutralized the movement and everything ended up being decided in the last meters, with a resounding victory for Laureano Rosas, who had already celebrated at the GP Aserradero Bucci.

1. Laureano Rosas (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER)
2. Nicolás Tivani (Agrupación Virgen de Fátima)
3. Alejandro Durán (SEP San Juan)
4. Nahuel Méndez (Municipalidad de Rawson)
5. Nicolás Traico (SEP San Juan)
6. Emiliano Ibarra (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER)
7. Gonzalo Gili (MyG Servicios Petroleros)
8. Mauro Domínguez (Municipalidad de Pocito)
9. Fernando Contreras (Team Venzo)
10. Emanuel Martínez (Municipalidad de Guaymallén)

Laureano Rosas dominated in the mountains and took the Clásica Villavicencio .

20 January 2021
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