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In Mendoza, the cyclist of Transportes Puertas de Cuyo won an unquestionable victory. The podium was completed by Darío Álvarez (SEP San Juan) and Emiliano Ibarra (Transportes Puertas de Cuyo). Laureano Rosas (Transportes Puertas de Cuyo) finished the year in a big way and won the 13th Bucci Sawmill Grand Prix. The Buenos Aires native entered the finish line alone, after 121 kilometers between Luján de Cuyo and Tupungato. In the climb to El Carrizal, Nahuel Méndez (Muni de Rawson) showed that he had good feelings and crowned with a 10" advantage over the main lot, led by Puertas de Cuyo and SEP.


Laureano Rosas closed 2020 with an exhibition at the 13th GP Aserradero Bucci (Mendoza , Argentina).

28 December 2020

Once the descent was traced and Ugarteche was surpassed, about 40 cyclists made up the main lot in the first part of the ascent to La Picada. Fernando Contreras (Team Venzo) dared to move the race and launched his offensive. The Maipucino provoked more movements and, although Nahuel Méndez tried to respond, Laureano Rosas was the one who passed him. Juan Pablo Dotti (SEP) stuck to the wheel of the 'Mono', while Emiliano Ibarra (Puertas de Cuyo) marked the five-time champion of the Vuelta de Mendoza. The two from Buenos Aires proved to be at another level and left ahead. Rosas, who was very solid, changed pace and took Dotti down 17 km from the finish line. The one from Puertas de Cuyo showed himself alone and crowned Cristo Rey with a 40" advantage over the pursuing group. The victory was in his hands, and no one could take it away from him. So it was that Laureano Rosas entered the finish line with his arms raised, and Emiliano Ibarra was in third position, culminating a great exhibition by the Tricolor team and closing the year in a big way.