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San Juan continues to live attentively what happens in its road cycling season, a calendar recognized throughout the country and other regions of the world. This Sunday was the third date The cycling race was named Circuito Carlos Escudero, organized by Club Sol Naciente de Rivadavia, and supervised by the Federación Ciclista Sanjuanina. That name is a kind of reference and homage to whoever was the first cyclist from San Juan to become Argentine champion. Escudero's sporting achievement took place on April 20, 1969 in Viedma, Río Negro. At that time, the competition was called the Argentine Endurance Championship. As planned, and previously announced, the third chapter of the season was held inside the San Juan Villicum Circuit. Again, the race visited the track located in Albardón and without the presence of the general public. As in the first two dates, the event was supported by a strong and professional logistic, safety and -mainly- health work. All these activities begin to take place in the days before and continue on the day of the race. And as far as the competition is concerned, date after date the number of registrations increases considerably. On this occasion, 170 cyclists rode the 24 turns indicated on the Albardonera track. The final sprint was to majority pack. And in the last meters, one of the Tivani brothers raised his arms at the finish line. This was Nicolas. In the second place, very close, Gerardo arrived. And in the third place appeared Naranjo, in the 4th place Laureano Rosas of the tricolor cycling team. After 2 hours, 20 minutes and 3 seconds of the race - official time-, the classifier was left with the first cyclists:
1. Nicolás Tivani – Virgen de Fátima
2. Gerardo Tivani – Municipalidad de Pocito
3. Nicolás Naranjo – Virgen de Fátima
4. Laureano Rosas – Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER

Laureano Rosas, (Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER) 4th Escudero Circuit (San Juan , Argentina)

07 December 2020