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In UCI's specifications for bicycle equipment, there are strict specifications for the frame, fork and wheels. E.g. To avoid bicycle games becoming pure competition of equipment instead of athletes, UCI limits the specifications and dimensions of the frame and fork so that athletes have what it takes to play on the same level.

In regard the safety regulations: carbon fiber finished products can be harder and lighter than metal ones. To avoid excessive weight reduction and loose of strength tolerance, UCI established a basic strength limits for equipment. After all, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of cyclists!

To meet UCI's specifications is not a difficult thing for us. The performance on internal strength test and fatigue test during the development process are way better than this standard. Our partner cyclists include overseas professional teams, ITU players and even the ones who are preparing for the Olympic games, whose bicycle parts must comply with UCI rules. KAVULUNGAN not only meet the requirements, our high-quality performance can also help our partners achieve better results.

You can find KAVULUNGAN's Certified information on UCI equipment website.



KAVULUNGAN wheels , are approved  by the UCI for use in competition.

15 September 2020