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UCI  Continental Team


The relationship of the company Transportes Puertas de Cuyo with cycling began in the 2000/2001 season, when Mario González gave his support to a cyclist who, at the time, stood out
in the peloton for their sporting qualities and great charisma.
Ariel Mengual won two tests, one of them the Double Calingasta. Javier Páez also won two tests and they also added one race each, César Sigura (Mendoza-San Juan).

As of January 1, 2020, it will only be called Puertas de Cuyo. In this way, a standard required by the UCI is followed and, incidentally, the idea of ​​its own team begins to be consolidated.

"We have very high objectives. We want first to be able to arm squads that can run and train in Europe and then, as a last step, to become the only professional continental Argentine team."

The one at Puertas de Cuyo is an ambitious project, that's how we tackled it from the beginning, ”said Federico González, along with his father, owner of the historic cycling team that this season returned to the routes after 12 years. In addition to betting on names and strong men inside and outside the squad and coach Ernesto Fernández, and David Padilla, the new Team Manager, they also plan a season that includes even a European tour.

Another of the leaps to take in the coming years has to do with the change of category: today Puertas de Cuyo has a Continental license
but they aim for them to reach the Continental Professional category in the coming years, a higher rank within the International Cycling Union. If it were, it would become the first Argentine team to obtain this license.