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GS27 : a French family business based in Tauxigny (Touraine).

For more than 50 years, we guarantee the perfect maintenance of all cars and motorcycles. If today GS27 is the essential brand in car care, it is because we always consider quality as our priority.

Our goal is to offer more and more efficient and innovative products to guarantee you an incomparable result for your vehicle.

GS27 for everyone Always closer to your expectations and your requirements, GS27 has an answer adapted to each of your needs and your maintenance desires. GS27 also takes into account the specific needs of cyclists and dedicates a complete range to two-wheelers: GS27 Motorcycle and GS27 Bicycle. Discover the GS27 range entirely dedicated to bicycles with technical products such as lubricants and degreaser, as well as the express puncture repair in case of flat tires. Also take advantage of the cleaning and protection products for the saddle and frame of your bike, such as the shiny cleaner or the textile and leather stain and leather waterproofing for the bicycle saddle. The products of the GS27 Bicycle line apply to all types of bike: mountain bike, road bike.

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GS27, take care of the Twitter bicycles, of our team.

01 February 2021
Dario Diaz ciclista de equipo Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER