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The Vuelta a San Juan is a professional stage cycling tour. Contested throughout the length and breadth of the San Juan geography. It is generally celebrated in January in the Province of San Juan, in Argentina. Among the usual postcards of the province is that of people stationed on the side of the Route, encouraging cyclists who endure more than 40 ° of heat. Perhaps it is one of the situations that are difficult to explain. In many places that temperature would intimidate many, but in San Juan the opposite happens. Encourage the public to take to the streets recognizing the effort of the pedal riders. Every cyclist, journalist or person who comes to experience the Vuelta a San Juan is surprised. The reason? The passion with which cycling is lived in our province. Internationally recognized journalists are amazed that from the taxi drivers or remis, the hotel staff and most of the people they encounter know or at least are informed about cycling and the Tour of San Juan.

For the people of San Juan it is very common. The race is done over the weekend, tune into one of the radios that broadcast every detail of the competition and the next day look for the best photos in the newspapers. Classic competitions have their place on the cover and television has specialized cycling programs to revive the race. It is a custom, a healthy one, but one that amazes those who visit our city. That he
Cycling occupying the cover of the most important newspapers is not normal for the rest of the world.
The last stage of the last edition of the Vuelta a San Juan brought together more than 200,000 people. More than a quarter of the Province during holidays. For all that is said, San Juan earned the place of being named as the Capital of passion for cycling. A passion that we transmit to the world and is reaching more and more people thanks to the dissemination of the Tour of San Juan "Welcome to San Juan, world capital of passion for cycling".