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The pocitano is part of the Continental Puertas de Cuyo team. He is isolated with his family and while training in a makeshift gym that he set up at home, he is looking forward to a revenge on the roads.

Emiliano Contreras came from competing in the International Tour of San Juan, from rubbing shoulders with the best in the world and from winning in Rawson when the pandemic hit the door of his house.


He stopped training in Phase 1, like all his colleagues, and since the economic situation was not the best, he reinvented himself and started a greengrocer. There he worked morning and afternoon until cycling was reactivated. His illusions were renewed. It seemed that everything returned to normal until prior to the opening of the road season it tested positive for coronavirus. One more battle and they go.

"We are all fine. Thank God we had mild symptoms, such as body aches, headaches and sore throats. My mother is the only one who had a fever. But it was only one night, the next day she got up like nothing. We were lucky. ", says the pedal driver, a member of Puertas de Cuyo, from the other side of the phone.


The young Pocitano has been in isolation for 7 days. It was precisely on Friday the 7th, two days before the first date of the San Juan cycling calendar, that he learned that he had contracted the disease. He had mild symptoms but at the time he associated them with the fatigue typical of training, especially in a "strong" pre-season stage. "I started with pains in my body, but I thought it was from cycling. Then I went to major pain and lost my smell," he says.


He says that he feels better today. That he is to get on the bike, although he is aware that he must complete another week of isolation. Meanwhile he manages not to miss a beat. He uses a roller and some other elements that, together with his brothers, they improvised to be able to train during confinement: "We put it together with what we found. We have bars, a box to jump and the roller, to which I am putting an hour all the duas. "

Due to the pandemic Emiliano confesses that he could not get ready as a professional cyclist requires, although it is true that neither has the rest. First was work. Then the coronavirus. "At the beginning of our quarantine we had the bad luck of not being able to do a preseason as I wanted because of the work, the greengrocer. And when I was training one hundred percent I had the bad luck of catching it. In the end I closed the greengrocer to take care of myself and I finished infecting the same, "he says with humor.

Now, without the economic pressures he had in the winter, focused on the sport he practiced since he was a child, Contreras anxiously hopes to be able to reconnect with the streets of San Juan and its public. Possibly for his return, for the month of December - although next Friday he can rejoin the activity - surely the cycling races can be carried out outside a racetrack. "I will run to help my teammates and see how I feel," he confesses.


From working in a greengrocer to being isolated by coronavirus: Emiliano, the cyclist who knows about battles.

15 November 2020
Emiliano Ibarra, born in Carcarañá, who resides in San Juan Argentina, has competed 5 years in various international competitions, obtaining great results internationally and on the calendar Argentinian.