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Fabián Gramajo is an Argentine politician from the province of San Juan. He is currently the mayor of the municipality of Chimbas. (#ChimbasTeQuiero). San Juan, Argentina Fabián Gramajo was born on March 13, 1974. He lived his first years in Villa Centenario, Chimbas, and completed his primary studies at the Escuela N°29 Provincia Santiago del Estero and later graduated from the Escuela Técnica de Capacitación Laboral José Americo Orzali. In 2015 he was elected Mayor of Chimbas for the period 2015-20192, and was endorsed for the period 2019-2023. In this last election, he was elected by more than 73% of the electorate. His management was characterized by infrastructure works, lighting and renovation of green spaces, among which the creation of the Chimbas Park and the renovation of the Villa Observatorio Camping stand out. It also carried out cultural advocacy programs, such as the promotion and professionalization of the Chimbas Carnival.