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The eagle, known as the king of birds of prey, has excellent dynamic vision. When it rises in midair, it can see far and wide, and can accurately block its prey; ENVIS symbolizes the meaning of "perspective and vision", which is the English vision. From the idea, this meaning echoes the image of an eagle. Every user who wears ENVIS glasses is expected to not only get the best protection, but also experience excellent
perspective like a flying eagle looking at everything from a high altitude, of course Look at your own targets and move forward without fear!
ENVIS from Taiwan, inheriting the experience and cooling chain accumulated by leading brands in Europe and the United States for many years, backed by an excellent design and development team, based on ergonomics, perfectly combines sports glasses with comfort, safety and Fashionable aesthetics, create products with popular appearance and
beautiful lines, giving users a rich personal charm.


ENVIS - glasses in which you see the world better.

26 July 2020
Emiliano Ibarra, born in Carcarañá, who resides in San Juan Argentina, has competed 5 years in various international competitions, obtaining great results internationally and on the calendar Argentinian.