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"EMILIANO IBARRA (Puertas de Cuyo- CCN -TWIITTER), WAS TAKEN, EARLY CHRISTMAS", in the classic competition, carried out this Sunday in the circuit where the Argentinean Elite and U23 championship will take place next year.


Emiliano Ibarra winner of the GP Christmas (Chiclecito,Argentina).

14 December 2020

Sunday was cycling in routes of the city of Chilecito, the Christmas Grand Prix, a classic of the pedal sport in the department, with the presence of high-level cyclists who compete in the province of San Juan, plus the local cyclists, Great frame of spectators along the circuit, which was released this Sunday, because it will be the circuit that will be used in the Argentine elite next year, with start and finish in the area of Avenida La Mexicana, having all the "condiments", ups, downs and dizzying along the 14 kilometers of travel. 

On this occasion, they turned around eight times in order to surpass the 100 kilometers of route. In very hard sections. and with a wind that never stopped and that gave more effort to the competitors. Already in the middle of the race it was clear that Ibarra, Escuela, Naranjo and Diaz were going to be the protagonists of this competition.

With San Juan cycling teams such as Piqueteros Virgen de Fátima and Pocito, the foreigners dominated the race and with the definition of the cyclist of the tricolor team Emiliano Ibarra took the final victory, arriving alone at the finish line, after making the difference, in the last and a half kilometer of the race, leaving behind Ricardo Escuela and Nico Naranjo who were second and third respectively.