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As it happened with the first date, the activity took place within a sanitary bubble formed by different areas of the government. There were fewer personnel than on the previous occasion, but the coordination of Sports, Health and Safety was at the service of the show.


Emiliano Ibarra (Puertas de Cuyo-CKT ), star of the Tribute Double Caligasta
3rd place, after having a fall to 3km, from the end of the competition.

24 November 2020

What happened yesterday, on the 4,266 meter route of the Albardonera track, was just that, a show. The competition counted with 157 pedestrians, because there were five whose tests were positive in coronavirus and other two did not start because they were close contacts.

Also as in the first date the incidents of the race were transmitted by television through the Youtube channel of the government. A team of 43 technicians and operators were in charge of uploading to the satellite the signal that was taken by the air channels of San Juan and was seen in different provinces and countries, with an excellent image quality showed the alternatives of the race.

The group walked quietly until, once again, Traico and Ibarra accelerated. Three more were left in the zaranda: Juárez, Marcos Rodríguez and the young Videla. They got half a minute and in the penultimate lap Velárdez, Cobarrubia and Bravo joined them. Ibarra, with the film of the previous race fresh in his mind, attacked. He pulled out a few meters but couldn't get away from Marcos Rodriguez. Shortly after, the Santa Fe native of Puertas de Cuyo suffered an untimely fall, from which he recovered and caught up with the group before the decisive packing. Coming out of the last curve, Ibarra was coming out on top, but with 100 meters to go, Marcos Rodríguez passed in front of him, As it happened on the opening day and as it will happen on December 6, when the third date, the Carlos Escudero Circuit, will be held, the activity took place at the facilities of the Autodromo "San Juan-Villicum". The previous experience served so that yesterday all the procedures, previous to testing, and subsequent to the location of equipment and media, worked more quickly.