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The professional team, Puertas de Cuyo - CKT UCI Continental Team, uses CKT bicycles (, specifically the 369 model, customized with the characteristic tricolor cycling team colors (red, blue and white).

The CKT 369 frame is approved by the UCI to participate in any international competition in the professional category.

In words, by Emiliano Ibarra (Argentine TT Champion):

"At first glance the CKT 369 looks very aggressive. Its design has a lot of class. Curved lines and large diameter tube sections announce a different machine. The first sensation when riding the 369 is a very rigid bike, nothing is lost and all its energy goes to the rear wheel, it seems to give you back 100% of the energy used. It gives you a feeling of lightness that encourages you to launch attacks".

In terms of comfort, the 369 will perfectly suit runners and triathletes who seek performance as much as a cyclist who privileges power.

The CKT 369, in the 2021 season, will receive a new evolution, to be able to use disc brakes, being the new name CKT 369 RD.

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CKT 369, the bicycle of team Puertas de Cuyo - CKT.

01 September 2020