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The brand BONT, becomes the new official sponsor of competition shoes of the tricolor squad.

Founded in 1975, Bont began when Inze Bont, an amateur skater, decided to use fiberglass on the back of his leather skates to gain extra support. A simple but innovative idea that gave rise to a company that is now 35 years old, with products from two highly competitive sports and sales in 56 countries.


BONT , new sponsor of the Puertas de Cuyo - CKT UCI Continental Team.

20 November 2020
Victor Arroyo Puertas de Cuyo CCN TWITTER

Bont Cycling's product line has grown rapidly since 2008 and now exceeds 12 models in different sizes and is a significant supplier in all cycling disciplines. Our range of cycling shoes is not only aimed at top athletes, but also at amateurs and beginners. Bont continues to grow as a company with the help of a dedicated team of people. Our team, including our factory dedicated solely to Bont products, is constantly striving to improve our products in all aspects. We work with respect for the Bont family at all times and value the contributions of our team and the countless people who make use of our products.

More information about the whole range of BONT shoes at: